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Quick and Reliable Opener Repair 

Garage Door OpenersThe signs of opener malfunction include inability to open the door, clearly visible physical damage and noisy or silent motor. Our repair work begins with running an inspection and tests to get down to the cause of the problem. Usually, the main gear or trolley is broken and prevents the unit from working normally. Count on us to replace the component with one which has the exact same size, design and make. We repair all types of garage door openers no matter which brand they come from. Some of the more serious issues which can occur are motor failure and safety sensors failure. Count on us for quick replacement of the faulty component or components. 

Solving Issues with the Controls 

If your clicker doesn’t perform as usual or stops working altogether, let us know and we’ll fix it or replace it, depending on how serious the problem is. Often, the solution involves simply battery replacement and a little bit of cleaning. In other cases, the device has failed completely and we will give you a brand new one. Our service includes programming the replacement remote controls so that they can work perfectly with the opener. We always test them to confirm that they work exactly as they are supposed to. 

Opener Replacement for Improved Performance 

There are different reasons why people decide to get a new opener. The list includes failure of the existing system, extensive damage and the desire to improve performance, security and safety. Our company is here to assist you with selecting the ideal new opener and to install it for you. The chain drive units are sturdy and durable, but tend to be noisier than their counterparts even with proper lubrication maintenance. The belt drives ones are the least noisy, but usually come with a higher price tag. The screw drive ones fall in the middle in terms of noise and offer faster opening than their counterparts. You will benefit from looking at the most innovative technologies available with door operators such as internet connectivity enabling you to monitor and control your garage door via an app on your smartphone. Count on us for accurate and secure installation of the opener system.

So if it's time for a new garage door opener, don't wait! Give us a call to enjoy a wide selection of the best products out there!

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