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Garage Door Openers

Our services for garage door openers range from repair to replacement and maintenance. Whether you have a broken hardware part or a malfunctioning motor, we can help.

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Garage Door Service

As trained technicians, we guarantee excellent electric garage door repair services, perfect replacement of all parts and thorough opener troubleshooting

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Garage Door Repair

We can fix an off track garage door, are aces in opener and spring repairs, troubleshoot garage systems properly and promise emergency garage door repair services

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Garage Door Repair Highlands

We manage to make a tremendous difference in the life of each customer in Texas with our excellent garage door repair services. We are experienced, skilled and trained. Our maintenance service prevents problems and our 24 hour teams solve them fast.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: E Wallisville Rd
Highlands, Texas
Zip code: 77562

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We fix problems with garage door parts properly since we have knowledge and the best equipment and guarantee excellent maintenance

Residential Garage Door Cable & Track Repair Services in Highlands 

Those who come across irreparable problems with their garage doors often do so at inopportune moments. Unfortunately in high-tension situations such as this it can be difficult not to panic – but we are here to help! Be sure to give Garage Door Repair Highlands a call so we can provide a remedy.

Even the best door system can be adversely affected by the weather or by an accident, but this is no reason to despair as we at "Garage Door Repair Highlands" are readily available to provide the most effective solution. Our company has long-term experience and traditions in the industry, and provides a comprehensive set of solutions to both residential and commercial customers. We provide timely, effective and dependable repair. We rush to solve urgent issues straight away. Our replacement, installation and maintenance services are designed to provide improvement, innovation and complete convenience. We are here to assist you with absolutely anything you may need.

We provide professional garage door services of the highest quality because we have the best team in Texas. Our technicians possess extensive expert knowledge and excellent technical skills. Whether you require extension spring repair or opener adjustment, we will do it perfectly. Experience is one of the factors that enable our specialists to cover absolutely all types of doors and openers regardless of their model, brand or make. We have always been up to date with the latest trends in our industry through ongoing professional training. That is why we find the optimal solution even for the most complex of problems occurring with the most advanced modern technologies.

All of our teams are fully facilitated to provide the perfect repair on the spot without any kind of delay. We use only high-quality spare garage door parts to resolve issues with severely worn-out or broken springs, cables, hinges or rollers. We work in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the industry and have a large and well-organized warehouse where we keep everything we need for providing excellent service to our clients.

Speed is in the core of our dedicated expert service. We know that the safety and security of a residential property or business premises must be restored straight away. That is why we never waste time when we provide professional assistance in case a garage door cable snapped or a spring got broken. We use only the most advanced and reliable tools in our work to ensure that we perform the different tasks with the highest possible degree of accuracy. This enables us to work more quickly and efficiently in any situation. Our technicians are dexterous and totally focused on the work at hand.

It is a common misconception that minor deviations from the optimal operation of the door system are not signs of serious trouble. We encourage everyone who uses such a system to share any warning signs with us without delay. With our professional Garage Door Repair in Highlands, we will restore the system's condition and safe and effective operation. We will do everything needed to prevent future accidents and issues as well. The only thing you have to do is to describe the problem you have encountered.

* What causes my door to keep reversing when I use the clicker? This problem is most often caused by dirty, blocked or damaged safety sensors. It is also possible for the opener's travel limits to have been set improperly. Another potential cause is blockage of the tracks. We will provide full inspection of the system to identify the precise cause of the problem and deal with it on the spot. We have everything necessary for garage door sensors replacement if this has to be done.

* What makes my door stay in closed position even though the opener is running? This problem is due to broken spring. Sometimes, breakage is associated with a loud bang, but this is not always the case. We will provide a new spring and replace the old one straight away. We have even the most specific Clopay torsion springs readily available. 

* Why has my door become so noisy? Lack of lubrication of the moving metal parts is the most common cause of this issue. It is also possible for the hinges which house the roller stems to worn out. The track components may have got misaligned. We have the right solution to any of these issues. We provide swift and effective lubrication, hinge replacement and track alignment.

Our repair services are fully comprehensive and cover each and every system component. We are specialists in garage door opener repair. Our service covers all of the major brands from LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Genie to Marantec and Craftsman. We work with all types of electric operators including the wall-mounted devices which are designed for rollup doors and the latest direct drive units which are becoming more popular with overhead door owners. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to handle even the most technologically advanced models. We stock on all required replacement parts including moving gears.

While openers typically stop working because of internal malfunction or overheating, many issues occur due to accidents. Glass panels and windows can get broken during a storm or break-in. Tracks usually get bent because of a hit from a heavy object. Even the toughest clickers may get broken if dropped on a concrete floor. We have the right solution for any of these issues and numerous similar ones. We provide fast and effective garage door windows replacement. We can provide a new opener remote of the same model right away.

In other cases damage is caused over a long period of time and spreads slowly but steadily. This is what happens when wood doors get affected by moisture. Initially, the wood decay is not clearly visible, but the size of the damage grows by the day. In such cases our Garage Door Repair Company in Highlands provides a complete solution to the problem. We fix the damaged panels and provide protection for preventing future issues.

* Decay removal - It all begins with the complete removal of the decayed wood. It is essential to remove a thin section of the healthy wood on the side of the decayed spot to ensure that there are absolutely no traces of moisture remaining. This is what we do to achieve top results.

* Filling the gaps - The use of the right filler is of utmost importance. It has to bond excellently with the wood and to have great durability. The sealing is done carefully so that perfectly smooth and even surface is achieved.

* Thorough cleaning - If there is dirt on the garage door panels it helps to retain moisture for longer and increases the risk of damage. That is why the protection of the wood starts with thorough cleaning of each and every part of the door. In our experience, warm water and soap do a fine job in most cases.

* Protective paint application - The choice of paint is crucial. It must be formulated for external use. It has to be selected in line with the recommendations of the door's manufacturer. You can count on us to have the perfect paint at hand.

* Weather seals application - It is a huge mistake to apply only bottom seal. Even though this seal provides excellent protection, it has to be paired with side and top seals for the shielding from moisture to be full.


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If the damage is too extensive and has covered most of the panels, door replacement will be necessary. We carry out replacement projects of all types and sizes. We provide full assistance with the choice of new door. We have complete expertise in single and double door installation. We work with absolutely all models from all brands. Whether you choose an Amarr glass model or opt for a custom Martin door, we will install it perfectly for you. We specialize in opener replacement as well. We provide consultation with the selection and do all the work to the smallest detail such as the programming of the remote control.

Part and system replacement will be required much less frequently when proper garage door maintenance is provided. We understand that home owners and business owners are busy with many other things and have little time to perform this task. For this reason, we take over and provide full professional care to the whole system from the weather strips to the opener. We clean the parts and panels. We apply paint and lubricant. We run thorough inspection of each and every part. We test the spring to confirm that it works fine. We have a strict procedure for the testing of the safety sensors and the safety reversal mechanism.

* Sensor blocking - We set a solid object in front of one of the sensors while the door is in fully opened position. This works to prevent the opposing beams from connecting to each other.

* Test results - If the sensors and the reversal mechanism work fine, the door should not move from its open position when the clicker's button for closing is pressed. If it starts going down, there is a problem.

* Taking action - We will provide repair to the sensors without delay. We will identify the cause of the problem and implement the most effective resolution.

We are always here for you. You can rely on Garage Door Repair Highlands for professional assistance at any time of the day or night. We will be there for you whenever you need us. We will get you out of trouble straight away.

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