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Garage Door Opener Maintenance Repair

The maintenance of garage door openers involves two major tasks. These are inspection and testing. The inspection involves checking all visible components of the opener system for damage. These include the cable which connects the device to the power grid of the building, the power unit, rail drive, trolley, moving arm and release handle. The safety sensors, wall-mounted button, wireless keypad and remote control are inspected as well. All components which have accumulated dust and dirt are cleaned. If the chain or screw drive has rusted, the rust is removed and lubricant is applied. If any of the components is seriously worn-out, damaged or broken, garage door opener maintenance repair is made.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance Repair

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The safety reversal mechanism and the safety sensors of the system as subject to testing as part of the maintenance process. The release handle is tested as well. The travel limits and the force of the opener can be evaluated and adjusted, if necessary.


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